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Parklife: Barge Walk proposes a park on the Thames

Posted at 1:30 pm, November 9, 2012 in Fun London
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Have you ever thought there are too few farms in the capital? I mean, where would we put them? Well, on barges obviously. Alongside wetlands, fields and all the other things we keep on barges. You may remember the High Line competition, which provided us with all sorts of weird and wacky ideas for making London’s future greener including the ‘Pop Down’ mushroom garden below Oxford Street, and a Lido Line to help us swim to work in the Regent’s Canal. And we can reveal the designs behind the winning proposals, including this third runner up, Barge Walk, will be exhibited at City Hall between November 19-30, following a popular exhibition at the Garden Museum in October.

Barge Walk was a shortlisted proposal to bring parkland to the West India Docklands, which is losing boat traffic with the opening of the Canary Wharf Business Park. Thus, space for a triple faceted floating environment wonderland could be created. The barge closest to the shore would take the form of a park, one would be a farmed vegetable and flower garden, the products from which would be sold in a barge-market, and the final barge would be a wetland, cleaning the Thames water through vegetated wetlands and allowing the ecostructure to regenerate. The barges would bring life and work into the area, as well as being able to travel around the city. Not to mention being mighty fun. Victoria Gray

For a summary of the shortlisted entries, click landscapeinstitute.org.

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