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In pictures: The Wildlife Photographer of the Year at @NHM_London

Posted at 9:15 am, November 11, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition at the Natural History Museum until March 2013 is driving us, well, wild. We’ve already seen a selection of this year’s best snaps on the Time Out website, but we’ve sneaked a peek at a few more which we wanted to share with you. The competition is certainly tough; who’s your fave?

See all the entries at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.

© Ofer Levy (Israel/Australia) Fly-by drinking

It’s not just us humans who show off about our drinking – as this bat shows us a nifty trick in Fly By Drinking, by Ofer Levy.

© Anna Henly (UK) Ice matters

The melting ice caps are certainly a problem, but they sure look cool (sorry) in Ice matters, by Anna Henly.

© Hannes Lochner, Lion by lightning

This sad image, Lion by lightning, by Hannes Lochner, gives off a certain Lion King vibe. Sob.

© Richard Peters, Snow pounce

Gus the Fox could learn a few tricks from this guy in Snow pounce, by Richard Peters.

© Klaus Tamm, Sizing up

The bug world’s equivalent of a boozy punch up? Sizing up, by Klaus Tamm.

© Sandra Bartocha, Light show

Sunsets can still be gorgeous, even when seen through trees.  Light show, by Sandra Bartocha.

© Owen Hearn, Snow hide
So simple, yet effective.  Snow hide, by Owen Hearn.

© Eve Tucker, City gull

This gull looks as impressed by his surroundings as we are, in City gull, by Eve Tucker.

© Daniel Eggert, Pasque perfection

The frozen morning dew on these flowers adds a haunting quality to the morning sun behind them in Pasque perfection, by Daniel Eggert.
Victoria Gray

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