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Screen savers: step away from your computer for Internet Week Europe

Posted at 4:30 pm, November 13, 2012 in Technology
Internet Week 2011 © 2011 Dan Dennison

We’re guessing you’re pretty familiar with the internet. You did find your way here, after all. If you are currently online, wondering how you lived before the t’interweb was invented, maybe you’d like to know that this week is officially Internet Week in Europe (apparently the ‘world wide’ thing doesn’t apply here). Across London from ‘Silicon Roundabout’ to the V&A, the net is being celebrated in the form of table football tournaments (sorry!), a history of GIFs, a chance to attack aliens with your smartphone, and lots of consultations and debates on internet-related matters throughout the week. Although maybe you have already found out all about this on the internet. It’s helpful like that. Victoria Gray

Find out the whole schedule of events for Internet Week Europe at internetweekeurope.com.

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