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7 ways to avoid the fashion scrum for the Maison Martin Margiela H&M launch

Posted at 5:45 pm, November 14, 2012 in Shopping & Style

H&MYes, it’s that time again. Another day, another H&M designer collaboration. This time, it’s the turn of Maison Martin Margiela whose threads will be in store when shops open tomorrow morning. Like always, we predict a fashion scrum as people shoulder barge to grab the limited edition goodies. Here’s a few tips to help you avoid having to bring elbow pads or starting to camp outside the shop right now…

– Go in tonight and find out about deliveries. The first delivery may be complete mayhem, but often there will be an afternoon top up, or another one the next morning, with just as much stock to replenish. Find out who the store manager is and grill them.

– Browse the range thoroughly online before you go and work out what you want. Then go in like a ninja – hit only the pre-identified targets and ignore the rest. Faffing around having a browse may leave you empty handed.

– To get to the front of the queue, use everything you have learnt from the tube. Don’t stand at the back; bring up on the flanks of the crowd and then slyly make a lateral movement to the front. If anyone says anything, just shout ‘FOR GOD’S SAKE I HAVE BEEN QUEUEING SINCE LAST NIGHT!’. They’ll never know.

– Find out which stores are taking the collection; the Oxford Street flagship will invariably be mobbed, but it’s often worth trying the Westfields, and even better, stores in other cities where customers might not be so up on designer deliveries.

– Don’t assume that your mistake buys will be floggable on eBay. The key items – in the case of MMM the perspex wedge heels and tuxedo jackets – will make you money, but the weirder stuff may well end up going for less than you’ve paid for it.

– If you’re feeling desperate (and brave/nuts), take a Kanye West lookalike along with you to try and get VIP access. Preferably one in a MMM jacket. He’s a superfan.

– Obviously if you really want stuff, go early. Go REALLY early. Don’t be afraid to arrive in the dead of night.

For info, see hm.com