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Listen up: it’s BBC Radio’s 90th Birthday

Posted at 2:30 pm, November 14, 2012 in Music & Nightlife, News
BBC radio

Today we’re so used to sharing collective live experiences through TV, the radio and online that it’s hard to imagine what it would be like to have to find out breaking news through good old fashioned newspapers or word of mouth. But it was 90 years ago today that BBC radio burst onto our airwaves bringing the nation together through crackly broadcasted speech. Radio still makes up a large part of the British Broadcasting Corporation output and now, with over 60 stations (network, local, national and international), it’s still going strong. To celebrate, the beeb are putting on a series of programs looking back over the last 90 years, but more excitingly, today at 5.33pm, there will be a 3 minute simultaneous broadcast across all 60 stations – Radio Reunited – based on the importance of listening to each other. Listeners were asked to submit their thoughts for the momentous broadcast and the best will be aired to a soundtrack by Damon Albarn, alongside Tony Blackburn reminiscing about being the first voice ever heard on Radio 1, all you ever wanted to know about  the BBC’s first ever transmitter 2 L O and everything else they can pack into three short minutes. Adjust your wireless accordingly.

Find out more at bbc.co.uk.

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