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In pictures: it’s a slippery slope at the giant Covent Garden soup slide

Posted at 6:00 pm, November 15, 2012 in Food & Drink, Fun London
Covent Garden Soup Co

Ever heard of a soup slide?  It’s a little like a waterslide, but with no running water. Or soup. Banish all fears of slipping down a river of minestrone; this three day Covent Garden Soup Co pop up to launch their new range of soups, in Covent Garden (obviously), is a slide constructed out of a giant soup carton and ladle. While plenty gimmicky, the offer of free soup and a ride on a slide was something we couldn’t resist. Our intrepid intern Victoria went down to investigate…

As we arrived, the slide was looking pretty conspicuous in the middle of the Piazza…

New Covent Garden Soup Co

…and trying to disguise the blatant promo with some rustic charm.

Soup Co Crates

Forget the veg, we want to slide!  After getting a safety briefing, we grabbed our pillow (for a smooth ride)…

Soupy pillow

and headed up to the top.

Going up

Queen of the world! Or perhaps just Covent Garden…

The Slide

And we’re off!

Halfway down At the bottom

And if that helped you work up an appetite, there’s free soup to warm your cockles.


But of course even all this couldn’t entice the tourists to tear their eyes away from the street performers.

If you fancy having a slide, or maybe just some free soup, head down before 8pm tonight and from 12-8pm tomorrow.  For more soupy information, visit newcoventgardensoup.com.

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