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A shop in a double-decker bus? Yes, honestly…

Posted at 2:00 pm, November 20, 2012 in Fun London, Shopping & Style
The Honesty Shop

Is it a bus? Is it a shop? It’s both, actually. A 50-year-old red double-decker has become home to The Honesty Shop, based in St Katharine Docks, selling handmade goods such as kitchenware, gardening tools and knitwear. There is no shopkeeper on the bus (nor bus driver, for that matter) hence the name: items are priced and customers on board are trusted to leave the correct amount in an honesty box. You might think this business model relies too heavily on optimism. We’re hopeful, however, that honesty will triumph, especially now that the season of goodwill is fast approaching. And just to tug at the heartstrings that bit more, 10% of profits go to Compassion in World Farming, a charity that campaigns against cruel factory farming practices. The Honesty Shop will be at Marble Quay in the docks for the next three months, so defy all those cynics and check it out. It won’t disappoint, honest. Anna Temkin

For more info, see thehonestyshop.com.

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