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How much does an extra tube stop cost you in rent?

Posted at 5:30 pm, November 20, 2012 in News
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Location, location, location… never was a mantra so true than in the crazy over-inflated world of London renting. Now the blog Rentonomy has created the latest in its series of charts showing London rent prices along its tube lines. This week, it looked at the Northern and Jubilee lines. There are few surprises, but the highest rents are still eye-poppingly extortionate. The blog based its results on a sample of 2-bed properties that were grouped together according to their nearest stations. On the Jubilee Line, rents are highest at Westminster at £1,160 per week, followed by Green Park (£849). The lowest rents on the Jubilee line are at Kingsbury (£214). The highest values on the Northern Line are at Tottenham Court Road (£704); the lowest are at Colliers Wood (£208). Their previous Victoria line graph shows Green Park topping the chart, with an average of £965; Walthamstow has the lowest rents on the line, at £193. Pah, who wants to live in noisy, congested Westminster anyway? Rebecca Taylor

To see more from the charts, visit the Rentonomy blog.

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