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Londoners pay twice as much for rail travel

Posted at 6:00 pm, November 26, 2012 in Transport
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It wouldn’t be Monday without a good old moan. And what better subject to moan about than commuting? A study for the Commons Transport Select Committee has revealed that Londoners are paying twice as much for the cost of rail services than the rest of the country. The committee, set up to investigate the regional breakdown of transport spending, revealed that fare payers in London and the South-East contribute to around 80% of funding for rail services, compared to the 40% contributed on regional networks. However, the Department of Transport were keen to stress that these figures failed to account for the one million people who visit the city – including commuters outside the capital, tourists and other visitors – meaning that the large disparity shouldn’t come as a surprise. Actually, when you look at it like that, things aren’t so bad after all. Jonno Hopkins

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