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Students ‘milking’ the internet for all its worth

Posted at 8:00 am, November 28, 2012 in Fun London, News

Through the gift of Instagram and YouTube, we have been given countless opportunities to join the cool kids by donning a thematic posture and posting a picture on various social media sites. Most of us have taken part in: ‘planking‘, ‘owling’, ‘batmanning‘, ‘Scarlett Johanssoning‘ etc (haven’t we?!) but how many of you have tried ‘milking’? According to the Guardian and Metro, ‘milking’ is the trendiest internet craze to hit the streets but, in all honesty, we haven’t actually seen anyone doing it in real life yet. Reports state that students from Newcastle University began pouring milk over themselves in public area to protest the government ‘milking them’. The protest apparently moved to London last week as students travelled to our fair city to mucky our pavements with litres of the white stuff. We’re not sure how big the craze is or if we’ll see it in the flesh but the waste of good milk is quite funny to watch.

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