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Party like the end is nigh at the Last Supper Club

Posted at 2:30 pm, December 5, 2012 in Food & Drink
The Last Supper Club

If the world were about to end, what would you want to do with your final hours? Spend time with loved ones, perhaps? Carry on as normal? Or spiral in to a life of hedonism? The Last Supper Club are in favour of the last option, so, seeing as the ancient Mayan predicted end of the world is December 21, they’re planning to eat, drink and party their way through the last days. The Yard in Shoreditch will be transformed into an apocalyptic party venue complete with an ark (that you can book to dine in for £35 per person). Street food stalls and a cocktail bar will help you toast your way into oblivion.

The Last Supper Club runs from December 6-22 (optimistic). To find out what’s on the menu and how to book, see lastsupperclub.co.uk.

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