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Join the underground movement of swapping books on the tube

Posted at 8:00 am, December 5, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London, Transport
Books On The Underground

It’s not until you’ve forgotten your reading material that you realise quite how dull commuting is. Sadly, leaving books for others to find is a rare occurrence and often you’re forced to read the back of a crisp packet just to pass the time. But two websites are hoping to kickstart a novel book swapping trend on the tube. First off, the Books for London campaign are hoping to install shelves in as many tube and train stations as possible to promote book swapping and to get the city reading. Books On The Underground is a little more random in its approach, encouraging readers to leave a book they’re fond of for a fellow passenger to find. Whether you’re planning to have a clear out, or simply have a book you’re dying to share, get swapping for the sake of your fellow bored commuters. Jonno Hopkins

To find out more about where you can swap your books, head to booksforlondon.org.ukTo take part in Books On The Underground, see booksontheunderground.tumblr.com.

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