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Whale skin cocktail taken off the menu

Posted at 12:30 pm, December 13, 2012 in News

You may have seen the video of 175 police piling into 93 Feet East. The footage shows one raid, part of a major capital-wide crackdown on crimes relating to licensing issues. So far Operation Condor has resulted in the closure of twenty-two venues, with at least 297 people arrested, and vehicles, alcohol and tobacco seized. Over the course of the weekend, police targeted dodgy drivers, taxi touts, street drinking and the possession and supply of controlled drugs, with arrests made for possession with intent to supply controlled drugs, possession of a firearm, assault, criminal damage and prostitute carding. But perhaps the oddest story concerns the supply of whale meat. The Met’s Wildlife Crime Unit and UK Border Force officers paid a visit to Hoxton cocktail bar Nightjar after receiving word that the bar had been selling a cocktail, appropriately titled Moby Dick, which contained Laphroaig whisky, Drambuie, ale, bitters and a ‘whale skin infusion’. Nightjar’s director Edmund Weil said that he’s was unaware of legislation that prohibited the sale of whale meat and products in Europe, and has since removed the cocktail from their menu. We always wondered what happened to the Thames whale… Jonno Hopkins

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