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‘Star Trek Into Darkness’: the first 9 minutes revealed

Posted at 12:00 pm, December 14, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment

It’s slightly disconcerting when the first face you see in the new ‘Star Trek’ movie is former ‘Doctor Who’ sidekick and poster child for the capital’s disaffected urban yoof, Noel Clarke. And indeed, a peek through Noel’s bedroom window reveals that we are in London, albeit a couple of centuries in the future. But fear not, this isn’t ‘Kidulthood 3000 AD’, and it’s not long before Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the gang return for a spot of alien-bothering, planet-saving action. This morning, actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve joined producer Bryan Burk at the BFI IMAX to show the first nine minutes of the upcoming movie – due to hit cinemas in summer 2013 – and answer a few questions. They were understandably tightlipped when it came to details, but we did learn that Cumberbatch’s character is in no way affiliated with legendary space psycho Khan, that Eve is indeed playing Kirk’s lover-to-be Carol Marcus, and that the entire movie will be converted into 3D, which is sure to enrage some purists.

Keep an eye on timeout.com/film for all the ‘Star Trek’ news in advance of the film’s release on May 17 next year.

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