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The Killing: track down the Sarah Lund-a-like

Posted at 9:15 am, December 16, 2012 in TV
Sarah Lund

She influenced a generation of nordic jumper wearers and taught us the fine art of not smiling, gum chewing and not giving a flying frick about getting fired. Sarah Lund is a modern day hero and now you can meet her in the flesh. Ok, calm yourselves, it won’t actually be Sofie Gråbøl, but a Sarah Lund look-a-like complete with ‘jumper, gun and similar hair’, or so we are told. The Lund doppleganger will be at a secret London location on Monday December 17 and the first five people to crack the clues on The Killing UK’s Facebook and Twitter pages and find her will be rewarded with box sets of The Killing ‘Series III’ and the complete ‘Trilogy’. Plus the first person to find her will also win a Gudrun & Gudrun hand-knitted jumper exactly like the one she wears in the show. Channel the spirit of Lund and start solving the mystery now.

Check out facebook.com/TheKillingUK and @TheKillingUK for clues.

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