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London’s top 10 Christmassy Streets

Posted at 2:00 pm, December 20, 2012 in Fun London, Photos of London
Mrs Santa © Lisa Harker

My sister used to live on Sandhurst Road. Her kids thought it was called ‘Santa’s Road’ and like most things involving children and Santa she couldn’t bear to shatter their dreams. They moved. Here are ten Christmassy London streets she could have moved to instead… Jude Brosnan

1. Snow Hill, EC1

Snow Hill

Just near Smithfield Market, not much of a hill, definitely no snow. Don’t all rush here with your sledges.

2. Noel Street, W1

Noel Street

If your name is Noel you must get a lot of people singing that carol at you at the moment. Spare a thought for the Judes, Lolas and Billy Jeans out there who get it ALL YEAR ROUND. Console yourself by developing an inflated sense of importance and believing all the ‘Noel’ emblazoned decorations have been made especially for you.

3. Pudding Lane, EC3

Pudding Lane

Pudding Lane lies in the shadow of the Monument to the Great Fire of London. If the Monument was laid down it would point to the spot where the fire started in 1666, a bakery on Pudding Lane. Setting fire to the Christmas pudding is a highlight of many a Christmas dinner.

4. Comet Street, SE8

Comet Street

Repping for the reindeer is Comet. For some reason he is trending quite highly at the moment. He must have overtaken Rudolf in popularity. About time.

5. Angell Road, SW9

Angell Road

There are a lot of different Angel variations on the streets of London. I though that in this age of Danniis, Nikkiis and Ashllees I’d give this centerfold slot to the page three of Angel street names: ‘Angell Road’ in Brixton.

6. Bell Inn Yard, EC3

Bell Inn

Yay, two Christmassy words in one. There is definitely no room in Bell Inn Yard for anything. It’s so narrow I couldn’t even do a three-point turn on my bicycle.

7. Turkey Oak Close, SE19

Turkey Oak Close

If you think London has no hills you have not ventured so far south east as Norwood. If you live here and cycle commute into the centre you must have turbo thighs.

8. Star Street, W2

Star Street

Can you all please take a moment to appreciate the plane trail that just so happens to be going on in the background looking like a shooting star. I absolutely did not wait for ages in the middle of the road holding up traffic to get this shot.

9. Shepherd’s Walk, NW3

Shepherd's Walk

Just because I thought ‘Shepherd’s Bush’ was too obvious and too vulgar.

10. Brussels Road, SW11

Brussels Road

A good way to make kids like Brussels sprouts is to get them to pretend they are giants eating cabbages.

Seen any Christmas Roads we’ve missed? Comment below. 

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