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Share and share and like: what you’ve been loving in 2012

Posted at 2:15 pm, December 30, 2012 in News
The cat won't leave lewisham

Now it’s time for your picks of the last year. Here are the five social media moments that got your hearts racing, mouths laughing and fingers clicking in 2012.

Animal magic
Our most popular Facebook post of the year: a photo of a cat in a Lewisham health centre, with an attendant ‘sorry, but the cat refuses to leave’ sign. Triggered the ‘like’ reflex in no fewer than 40,000 of you.

Dog on the tube

Er, more animal magic
Our second most popular? A dog sitting on a tube seat, like it thinks it’s a person. Our third most popular involved mice on the tube. You lot fawn over fauna.

Rainbow (c) nuttalip, Flickr

Every cloud…
After the wettest summer in 100 years, we tried to cheer you up with 35 reasons why rain is better than sunshine and 13,000 of you shared the love. Our most popular blog post of the year.

Olympic opening ceremony rings w/ caption.

You were as caught up in the Olympic spirit as we were, and made our Opening Ceremony tweet ‘We invented grime and the internet! Is there nothing we can’t do?’ our second most shared this year.

lego people

Facts and mini-figures
Our stat ‘Lego people outnumber real people by 67:1’ was our most retweeted tweet of 2012. You also loved the fact that only archery and karate prohibit booze in the Olympics. Long live drunk judo!

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