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And our most liked Facebook posts of the year were…

Posted at 2:35 pm, December 31, 2012 in Fun London
Westminster Bridge rude silhouette.

We used to have to guess what you liked. Now with the magic of Facebook, there’s a little button that lets you tell us so. Here’s a baker’s dozen of the most Like-inducing posts from our Facebook page this year.

1) (above) Some amusing shadows cast by the railings on Westminster Bridge.

2) A dog that thinks he’s people:

A dog sitting on a tube.

3) A Mayor on Wire:

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, stuck dangling from a wire.

4) This cat that wouldn’t leave was our most Liked status by a long, long way:

A cat refuses to leave a Lewisham NHS practise.

5) The Shard light show was a bit disappointing:

The Shard inauguration light show was disappointing.6) But Olympic commuting was surprisingly stress free:

Olympic expectations vs reality

7) And though regular commuting could be a little dicey:

The Farringdon mice are hungry for blood

8) You went nuts for the completion of the East London Line:

East London Line extension orbital graphic.

9) You loved these Olympians on the tube:

Olympic medal winners on the tube.

10) Plus the Rings on the Bridge:

The Olympic rings on Tower Bridge.

11) Especially with the moon behind ’em:

Olympic rings, plus moon.

12) And even as you had a laugh at the Closing Ceremony:

For sale, one stadium, nearly new. Close to public transport. Buyer must evict Jessie J.

13) You were still pretty chuffed with the whole thing:

Olympic rings on fire.

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