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10 things we hope the tube fare increases are being spent on

Posted at 5:00 pm, January 2, 2013 in Fun London, Transport
St Pancras International

So another year, another public transport fare rise. From today, prices will be rising by an average of 4.2% on tubes and buses with fares on some lines rising by a whopping 9.2%. Though a majority of the increase is down to inflation, there’s a fair amount that is ‘unaccounted for’ as far as the public is concerned, so what will that extra cash be spent on? We’ve put together a list of things that we’d like to see as a result of the increase to make our commute a little more tolerable (apart from the obvious things like happy staff, good service etc; those go without saying). Carly-Ann Clements

1. Roombas all round

Tube vomit

Fed up of crisp wrappers and vomit on the floor? What better solution than adding a little robotic hoover on every carriage to tidy up all the mess as and when it happens?

2. Colour changing seats

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Have you ever been one of the unfortunate souls that has sat on a seat soaked with a miscellaneous liquid? What better way to avoid a soggy bottom than fabric that radically changes colour when it becomes wet? ‘Red and blue, take a pew. Green and yellow, please stand dear fellow’.

3. Weather ceiling

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Want to be virtuous and get off the tube a couple of stops early but forgot your brolly at home and don’t want to risk getting soaking wet? Or just fed up of being cooped up underground while it’s sunny outside? We’ve got the perfect fix. Back in August we told you about some clever scamps over at the Royal College of Art that designed a project to turn the tube ceiling into a live simulation of the weather outside. It might brighten things up down there a tad.

4.Window wipers

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Fed up of missing your stop because the bus windows are too steamy? Avoid the mucky-handed window wipe when all buses have internal window wipers making your view all together more scenic and less foggy. We wish!

5. Party carriage

© claytoncasual

Too early to leave the party? Then head to the party carriage complete with jukebox and bar. Or better yet, get all the revellers in one carriage away from you and let your hangover slowly set in during your long ride home.

6. Celebrity announcements

Need a bit of cheering up in the morning? What if Stephen Fry told you that the Bakerloo line was running on time? Or if Mariella Frostrup gently broke the news that the Central line is delayed? It would be a bit easier to forgive them than an exasperated train driver who is as fed up with the way the journey is going as you are.

7. Willy Wonka lights in all tunnels

Who didn’t want to ride the mystical boat in the depths of the Chocolate Factory with its bright lights and trippy colours? We vote that from 7pm every evening, all London tunnels become an ode to Wonka making everyone feel like a child again.

8. Pull out beds

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What better way to utilise that hour long commute than taking a quick cat nap in a comfy pull out bed? So many of us fall asleep on the tube, futon style seats would be the absolute win!

9. Morning exercise

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Don’t have time for your morning stretches? Live too far to bike or walk in? Then what about a mass workout on the tubes every morning? And STRETCH!

10. Rainbow tube mice

© rain rabbit

Everyone (secretly) loves the underground rodents but they’re ridiculously hard to spot. So why don’t we make them rainbow coloured? It’ll make the platform wait a little bit more fun.

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