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The Sunday Assembly: no deity, no doubt

Posted at 11:15 am, January 5, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment

The Sunday Assembly
Church on Sunday would be great were it not for all the eternal damnation that gets bandied around, willy-nilly. Think about it: there’s kinship, singing, moral guidance, good architecture and loads of cake. If it only catered for the non-believing sinners among us, it’d be perfect. It was this philosophy that prompted Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans to create The Sunday Assembly: a church without all that god-fearing deity gubbins. On the first Sunday of each month, The Sunday Assembly will congregate to celebrate the here and now. Each service will focus on a specific subject, featuring guest speakers such as Arthur Smith, Lucy Porter and Josie Long. For the inaugural session, children’s author and creator of the Mr Gum series, Andy Stanton, will be talking about Beginnings. Each month promises stories, readings and a final speech on the month’s topic, with emphasis on bringing a bit more niceness into your everyday life and drinking lots of tea.

The Sunday Assembly takes place between 11am-12am on Sunday January 6 at The Nave at St. Paul’s Steiner School.

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