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My Love Life in Your Hands: choose your own romantic ending

Posted at 4:30 pm, January 10, 2013 in Fun London
My Love Life in Your Hands

Many of you may remember the compelling Guardian Weekend Magazine column My Love Life in Your Hands that ran throughout 2011. Each week the intrepid mystery protagonist Kit Lovelace gave control of his romantic fate to the readers to decide what should be his next move. Now he has turned his real-life dating dilemmas into a new Choose Your Own Adventure-style book where you make choices on his behalf. Uncover brilliant true stories including the time he was sexually humiliated in a Power Rangers costume and when he lost his virginity to a girl who was the spitting image of his cousin.

The legendary Kit Lovelace will be talking and getting the audience’s help tonight at the Black Heart in Camden from 7.30pm. RSVP to kit.lovelace@gmail.com.

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