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A taste of the Underground in our favourite YouTube videos

Posted at 8:00 am, January 11, 2013 in Transport
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The Underground is one of London’s best friends. Love it or hate it, we all have a relationship with it. So it’s not surprising that there are more videos of our dear friend than you can shake an oyster card at. To celebrate the tube’s birthday this week, we’ve put together a few videos showing how we use and abuse the Underground on a daily basis along with a couple familiar chuckles. Carly-Ann Clements

The fast and the famous

From the parodies to the fails, we’ve all seen something tube-related that we’ve wanted to share and then promptly forgot about merely days later. Well, we’re here to remind you of some of the greats.

Remember the boozy commuter that was loved by the nation?:

And the tube horrors captured by CCTV:


Being an integral part of London life it’s not surprising that the Underground has featured heavily in popular culture. Here are some of the key songs we’d like to remember… kind of:

‘Love on the Northern Line’ by Northern Line – a product of the 90s that reached #15 in the charts:

And who can forget that song that you can’t get out of your head:

Sliding down the escalator

Over the years, people have mistaken the underground for many things including a playground. Some folks just can’t resist reverting back to childhood and slide down the escalators… often with a pretty heavy drop back to reality.

From the easily convinced that suffer from poor planning:

To the clever buggers who worked out where everyone was going wrong:

And even Santa couldn’t resist giving it a go:

And some have chosen to ski down instead:

Dancing on the tube

Flash mobs, drunken fools and stunts gone awry, dancing on the tube seems to be a popular way to pass the time.

‘Thriller’ dance on the tube – to a very unimpressed audience:

Four years ago, T Mobile took over London Liverpool Street for this advert that went viral:

Dropping trou

Over the last three years, people have been letting it all hang out as part of Improv Everywhere, confusing commuters and experiencing a different kind of rush during their journey.

Getting snuggly

We’ve all dozed on the tube but how many of use have hugged a random stranger? #Awkward.

A right royal affair

And let’s not forget the day that the Queen drove a tube train!

The Underground has had an amazing 150 years and we can’t wait to see what else it has in store.

Read more about the tube or take a ride on the anniversary steam train.

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