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Take a pixelated walk down 8 Bit Lane this weekend

Posted at 11:15 am, January 12, 2013 in Fun London

Computer games these days are horrifically realistic but remember a time when Pacman, Tetris and Space Invaders were state of the art? No? You missed out on a childhood of pixelated greatness. This can be remedied this weekend. Ahead of the new Disney release ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ about an arcade game character who travels through other arcade games in a quest to rid himself of his role as a villain, The Truman Brewery have transformed a street into an old school computer game.  At ‘8 Bit Lane’ (named after a unit of data in computer architecture) you can see such pixelated sights such as  a London taxi, postbox, pigeon, tree, clouds, CCTV camera, and leaking water pipe. Our favourite is the pixelated dog just hanging out next to his pixelated poo. Seems the innocent charm of these retro images has thrown us right back into childish ways.

8 Bit Lane also boasts the world’s first Blipp-able building. If you have Blippar’s visual discovery app, point it at the house on the wall, see it come alive and even play a game. Technology today, eh. Whatever next? Jude Brosnan

Open until Sunday at The Truman Brewery. For more on Wreck-It Ralph see Disney.go.com. If this gets you hooked, why not continue in the same theme by tracking down some of London’s pixilated street art.

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