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HMV set to close: drown your sorrows with a HM-free drink

Posted at 5:00 pm, January 16, 2013 in Music & Nightlife, News

Maybe it’s time to start treating CDs with some damn respect: stop throwing them on the car floor; put them back gently in their correct cases; carefully handle them using thumb and index finger and not cover them in fingerprints. We fear that the CD could soon be another thing to make us feel old by being given vintage status.

It seemed that many Londoners fell into mourning with the announcement that HMV were calling in the administrators. But is this an inevitable casualty of the digital age? Are people outdoors and enjoying fresh air more so using their iPods (discmans were a bit chunky)? Or are they just too lazy to get up to actually go and shop? Is the high street dead? ARE WE ALL GOING TO DIE????!

Before you get too hysterical and start wildly flailing your soon-to-be defunct HMV gift voucher in the air, all is not lost. Before you frame it, take it down to Big Easy BBQ on Kings Road and they will exchange it for a classic frozen margarita which should sooth your fraught nerves a tad.

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