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London cyclists could get new direction with this map

Posted at 8:00 am, January 16, 2013 in News, Transport
Central London Cycle Map designed by Simon Parker

There aren’t many maps more reminiscent of London than the familiar rainbow-tangle of Harry Beck’s map of the underground, and the fact that it’s the city’s most useful creation since London Bridge makes us all extra fond of it. With hiked fares and our need to spend at least a little of our day doing exercise rather then doing more sitting still, the faithful old tube map isn’t quite as familiar these days. But if Cycle Lifestyle’s London Cycle Map campaign works out, we’ll have a lovely new one we can use above ground. They’d like a map (and a whole load of signs) to help cyclists navigate the useful but impossibe-to-commit-to-memory mass of London cycle routes, making it less likely that your two-wheeled journey will end up with you stranded on a one-way dual carriageway in Hackney Wick. Which sounds dramatic but is entirely possible, believe us. We’re all for anything that makes more pedaling possible, and if it’s multicoloured then so much the better. Ashleigh Arnott

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