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13 ways to appreciate the snow

Posted at 4:30 pm, January 18, 2013 in Fun London

Well London, it’s probably fair to say that looking out the window makes you feel like you’re trapped in a snow globe. With the sudden flurry of the white stuff descending upon London, the inevitable cancellation of trips, drinks, parties and possibly even work could leave you at a bit of a loss over the next few days. But thankfully, we’re here to help you make the most of your snow day: Carly-Ann Clements

1. Snowball fight!

Snowball fight gif - Elf

Grab some friends and engage in a friendly snowball fight but remember to play fair and to pick on people your own size:

snowball fight fail gif

2. Go sledding

Skateboard sledding gif

We know the snow isn’t thick and lustrous yet but why not head to Greenwich Park or Primrose Hill and make the most of the frosty slopes? Just beware of bullies:

dog sealing sled gif

3. Leave a snowman on the street

Snowman gif

In central London? Head to Soho, Hanover or any other square, gather up the snow and leave a frozen friend on the street. And if you see one, don’t be a party pooper and ruin it for everyone:

Snowman tackle gif

But keep an eye out for cheeky scamps:

Snowman gif

4. Sit in front of a roaring fire

Warm Cozy FirePlace by Fireplace Gif from DianaJennifere on Tumblr

Don’t have one at home? Here are some pubs with open fires in London. Just don’t sit too close:

fire gif

5. Hot toddies all round!

A great solution to a winter chill. For a simple toddy just mix hot water, honey, lemon and booze (whiskey, brandy or scotch) and get a hug from the inside.

6. Hot drinks in general 

drinking tea gif

Don’t fancy alcohol today? Then what better reason to pop the kettle on? Whether it’s tea, coffee or hot chocolate, indulge yourself a little today…

With that naughty chain coffee you hate to love:

Starbucks gif

Or an unhealthy amount of caffeine:

Bill Murray gif

Or by dipping chocolate into your cuppa:

melting chocolate gif

But we recommend pouring M&Ms or Minstrels into your hot drinks and fishing them out with a spoon for a crunchy, melty treat. Win!

M&M gif

7. Have a romantic moment

Bridget Jones gif

Nothing will make that special moment more magical than a whirlwind of snow. There’s no better excuse to cuddle up than the cold:

© Kayode Okeyode

And a first kiss in the snow? Perfect.

Kiss gif

8. Get a good bowl of soup

Soup gif

Don’t consider soup to be a food? Well, you’ll feel differently today after your journey home. Why not head to Bone Daddies for Ramen?

Ramen gif

Or one of these restaurants that do great soup:

Emma Stone Yum gif

9. Comfort eat

Mr Bean gif

And if soup really isn’t your thing, then it’s time for comfort food… a lot of comfort food:

10. Take up knitting

Need a new hobby? Can’t find a scarf you like? Take up knitting. You can really make anything:

11. Take your pets for a walk

Not only will they get some exercise but they’ll realise how good they have it at home while providing some giggles for you too.

12. Put socks on your pet

You’ll keep their toes warm and they look super cute walking in them:

Always Sunny in Philadelphia gif

13. And most of all, appreciate London in the snow:

© Simon  Syon © dave bass

We don’t recommend:

Hula hooping in your bikini:

Or trying to dive into a frozen body of water:

Or getting too over zealous:

And never, ever dive in head first:


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