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British Library unravels the mystery of crime fiction

Posted at 10:00 am, January 18, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment

Why don’t people wear monocles anymore? Someone should bring that trend back and a good place to debut it would be at the British Library this season. New exhibition ‘Murder in the Library: An A-Z of Crime Fiction’ running from January 18 to May 12 charts the history and development of crime and detective fiction. Featuring work from well known authors such as Arthur Conan Doyle, there will be rare manuscripts among other must sees for any crime fiction fan.

If just reading this has set your pulse racing, you may be interested to know that the British Library are hosting a panel discussion on Monday January 21 called ‘Real Crime, Real Fiction’ looking at the effect real crime has on crime fiction in film, television and literature. Hosted by writer and journalist Barry Forshaw, authors Laura Wilson and Mark Billingham along with Carla Connolly, curator at St Bartholomew’s Pathology Museum will ponder questions including ‘does the consumption of crime novels influence the way we read about real crime?’ and ‘where does ‘true crime’, which takes its inspiration from actual events rather than mere imagination, fit in?’ Jude Brosnan

For more info on the exhibition, see Murder in the Library: An A-Z of Crime Fiction listing; book for the discussion at bl.uk.

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