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Always look on the bright side of life and forget Blue Monday

Posted at 6:00 pm, January 21, 2013 in Fun London

According to science, today is the most depressing day of the year. Statistics have shown that between the bad weather, debt, the realisation that Christmas is another 11 months away, the likeliness that you’ve failed your New Year resolutions already, your need to take action (whatever that means) and some other mystical force that hasn’t been stated in the magical formula, everyone is supposed to feel down today. Well, we say pish posh to Blue Monday and want to celebrate today for all its goodness. Carly-Ann Clements


snow gif

Yes, it may have been a wee bit inconvenient and it may be melting away into a load of grey sludge but the pictures you took, that snowman you built and the chance that it could snow again is reason enough to enjoy the bad weather, right? Well, we have a few more reasons for you:

Like declarations of love:

Heart gif


Heart gif

Doesn’t it warm your heart? (or make you barf)

Ron Weasley gif

And what about all those cute animals in the snow?:

bunny in snow gif


cats in snow gif


corgi in snow gif


Red pandas in snow gif

Bad weather + debt = great excuse to stay home

New Girl gif

We don’t often promote staying indoors but sometimes needs must. What with the six week gap between paycheques, Christmas credit card bills and the dark nights, options are pretty limited. So if you’re not up for a free gallery or museum visit, then why not stay home, get comfy, watch TV

And get an early night:

Or watch your guilty pleasure film:

Or invite your friends over for a quiet shindig:

Spaced gif

Christmas is 11 months away? Thank GOD!

Did Christmas go by too quickly? Have you only just realised that it’s 2013? Well, buck up! It’s a new year and Christmas is actually a bit of a pain when you think about it. No more present buying, no fake smiles, just 11 months of normal life…

There are fewer crowds now so shopping is a breeze:

And love or hate them, no more Marmite Christmas lights:

© susiedonuts

And no more turkey!:

Friday Night Dinner gif

Failed New Year’s resolutions

Let’s get one thing straight; New Year resolutions are rubbish. Forcing yourself to give up smoking, drinking, food or whatever it may be just because others tell you to will not help you lose weight or get more organised. Let’s just celebrate the fact that you’re you even if that means…

You think about food all the time:

You think you look like David Bowie when you smoke:

Bowie gif

Or how you can’t function without a caffeine kick in the morning:

Your need to take action

Avengers gif

It’s time to get into gear and do what you have to do, but only if you’re ready. This vague element of Blue Monday is up to you to decipher and put into place. We like to think it’s to tackle out 101 Things to Do in London but we know everyone’s different.

Unspecified mystical element

We’ve been pondering this and have come to the conclusion that the mystical element is susceptibility. If you believe today will be the most depressing day of the year, it will be. So get your coat on and go have a nice time! And after today, there’s always another 364 happy days to make the most of…


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