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Frosty friend or foe? The invasion of the snowpeople

Posted at 3:30 pm, January 21, 2013 in Fun London, Photos of London
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Right, London. We don’t want to alarm any of you but it seems that a clan of icy creatures invaded us over the weekend. They come in all shapes and sizes and to help you distinguish friend from foe, we’ve put together a guide of all the frosty ‘friends’ you may bump into while walking around London. Remember, most of them will be friendly, some may have other agendas just DON’T PANIC! Carly-Ann Clements

The basic anatomy

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Most snowmen have attempted to take on a familiar, rotund form. With a neck, waist and a bit of a beer belly, these chilly chums look approachable and harmless. However, this invasion has seen the snowmen struggle to take the expected form.

From the giants:

© dyollakkin

To the ankle high:

© orbyss

The headless:

© ikkuna_princessa

To the pineapple heads?:

© mayflowerjewellery

And even the legless:

© hellysmelly


© stephstephw

It seems that family holidays are on the cards this year and snowmen and women are bringing their children along.

From the moody teenager:

© thebrownsean

To babies:

© jessineide

But be warned… snow people are very protective so approach with caution:

© orbyss


And it didn’t end with children. They’ve even brought their pets! So far, we’ve seen:


© serenays © daddysevi


© sunnysingh_sw6

© carleyblythe

Tiny bears:

© kayx2046

And squirrels:

© lola432

General hangouts

© orbyss

It seems that snowmen generally head to the same haunts and can often be found in the following places.

Park benches:

© ram1972 © matteobearzi © ourkidro


© suziekimster


© 3nan_alja7dalo


© jodiseth

Snowmen have been making friends and really trying to adapt to London life.

From getting a job:

© willyarnold

To trying the latest beauty trends:

© edgaravey

Mimicking contemporary culture:

© sunnysingh_sw6


© jmcallister90

Dating the locals:

© ktlimani

Getting a bit more intimate with the locals:

© longerlegz

And even causing havoc after binge drinking:

© kupenska


© omg_itskerrie

As we’ve mentioned, most of our sub-zero friends are harmless but some are showing signs of aggression.

From building fortresses:

© zyrianchung

And arsenals:

© anniemfb

To tensions rising between snow couples:

© bakewell1000

And inappropriate acts in public:

© @shreyansh18 © h_madhoob

Some are hungry and vegetables just aren’t enough:

© tnebollen

And some aren’t even attempting to hide their intentions:

© 3m4d

Others have already been in battle:

© fedeuk

And sometimes, this is all that’s left of the human who tried to befriend them:

© kakolorini

Most important lesson

Milo and his friend © TommyFlisher

But above all, the most important thing to remember is that even if you do become friends with one of these snow visitors, they’ll often disappear without a trace. Don’t take it personally. They’re just like that.

© TommyFlisher

So whatever you do London, be safe and look out for a snowy friend lurking around the corner.

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