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We choose our Kit Kat Chunky Champion…

Posted at 10:00 am, January 25, 2013 in Fun London
Kit Kat Chunky Champion

Unless you’ve been living in a detox-fuelled hibernation over the past few weeks, you should be well aware that it is Kit Kat Chunky Champion time. Each year, those crazy Kit Katters release four wild new flavours for the public to sample before one is crowned the winner. Last year, Peanut Butter came out on top, leaving Double Chocolate, White Chocolate and Orange in his dust.

This year, the contenders battling it out for the prestigious title are Mint, Hazelnut, Choco Fudge and Coconut. But like any other nail-biting competition, there can be only one winner and they will be chosen in the grande finale this Saturday January 26. The showdown takes place in Leicester Square at 11am-3pm where there’ll be free samples, people running around dressed up as superheroes and a chance to have your say about who should be the next Chunkster. 

Kit Kat Chunky Champion

However, as this is one of the annual highlights of the Time Out Towers calendar, we have already made up our minds. Yes, we took this competition very seriously. Kit Kats were divided up, comment forms handed out, and each flavour carefully considered. The results were then collated and we can now reveal that the Time Out Kit Kat Chunky of choice is HAZELNUT followed closely by MINT. Our tasters were divided – it seems people either favour mint or nut, but never both. We’ll alert the scientists.

To give you a flavour of the tasting session, here are some comments for each of the contenders…

Kit Kat Chunky Champion

‘It’s like eating a throat sweet’
‘Doesn’t taste of mint. I might have eaten a coconut one by mistake (it has green on the packet!). Yes, I did eat the coconut one’
‘Bit like Aquafresh’
‘Mint goes better with velvety dark chocolate’
‘Good for when I forget to brush in the morn’
‘Good for packed lunches’
‘Disappointing on the mint front’
‘Eat it straight out of the fridge’
‘The clear winner and only bar to compete with the original’

Kit Kat Chunky Champion

‘Who wants a Kit Kat that tastes of shampoo?’
‘Bounty shits on this’
‘Tastes a bit like sick’
‘Deep complex flavours, intricate and intense. A thing of beauty’
‘Needs more coconut action’
‘Nice and light’
‘Lush and tropical’
‘Coconut is the a most overrated fruit. Is it even a fruit?!’

Kit Kat Chunky Champion

‘Poor man’s Kinder Bueno’
‘Taste lingers too long’
‘Falls apart’
‘Why are you happening?’
‘Like a solid damp, warm ice cream flavour’
‘Praline-fest – into it’
‘Tastes more expensive than the others’
‘A missed oppurtunity’

Kit Kat Chunky Champion

‘A frankly excellent chocolate bar’
‘Nice and heavy, just like a chocolate bar should be’
‘Melt in the mouth’
‘Ohhh funky. Sugar-fest’
‘Tastes calorific’
‘Meaty. Manly’
‘A bit like xmas tree chocolate’
‘Couldn’t eat more than a bite’
‘Only a linger of fudge’
‘Totally mad choc experience’
‘A bit cloying’
‘Offensively sweet’

And there you have it! The Time Out taste testers have spoken. Which one is your fave?

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