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Curiouser and Curiouser: delve into the world of Lewis Carroll

Posted at 11:15 am, January 26, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment

With his surreal, fantastical ideas, Lewis Carroll has inspired many an artist over the years. Although he is most famous for ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, Carroll also wrote a load of other books and poems. He was also a mathematician and photographer (what couldn’t that guy do?!). Curiouser and Curiouser is a week-long exhibition (until Jan 30) at Whitecross Street’s fittingly named Curious Duke Gallery, proving what an influential character he remains. It shows the work of 19 illustrators who have created re-imaginings of his life and works. And if you’re lucky you’ll finally find out why a raven is like a writing desk. Jude Brosnan

For more info, see curiouserandcuriousershow.wordpress.com.

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