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Prepare for the zombie outbreak at ZombieLab

Posted at 8:00 am, January 28, 2013 in Fun London, Technology

We’ve joked about the zombie apocalypse enough here at Time Out Towers so it’s time to get serious. With ‘World War Z‘ and ‘Warm Bodies‘ taking on the more humane side of the walking dead this summer, shouldn’t we all get to grips with the reality of the impending invasion and prepare ourselves? Luckily the clever chaps over at the Science Museum have put together ZombieLab. For three days (Jan 30, Feb 2 and 3), the Science Museum Lates will cover all aspects of a zombie outbreak; consciousness, morality, rights, crime, punishment and plenty more, with a series of interactive games, talks and a zombie trial for free with an early preview of ‘Warm Bodies’ on Feb 3 for £10. Find out if you’re ready to face the hard cruel world of the undead by heading over to this week’s Hot List for more details. Carly-Ann Clements

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