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Scarlet fever: Rock up in Red this Friday

Posted at 5:00 pm, January 31, 2013 in Fun London

In case you get the tube on Friday morning and wonder why everyone has resurrected their Christmas jumpers, you haven’t time travelled. The British Heart Foundation have declared this Friday February 1 ‘Rock Up In Red’ day. To kick of National Heart Month you are invited to pay £2, wear red, have fun and help fight heart and circulatory disease. It also means you can be a lot less careful eating beetroot, drinking red wine, performing ritualistic sacrifices. We already know what we’ll be wearing.

And this is the song we have stuck in our heads. Thanks BHF. Thanks a lot.

PS – If you need some tips on how to wear red check out these guys: Look at my fucking red trousers. Jude Brosnan

 For more information and to download a fundraising pack see British Heart Foundation.

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