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Beat the Barrel: beer belly running

Posted at 10:00 am, February 7, 2013 in Fun London
Beer barrels

What better way to swiftly move from January’s detoxing clean living into, well, normal living than an event that combines both exercise AND booze? Beat the Barrel is a 5k relay race around Hackney Marsh starting and finishing at Brupond Brewery with a barrel of beer. A massive 18 pint barrel of beer that has to be consumed fully before the race is won.

This event on February 9 is brought to you by the Beer Belly Running team who run The Great British Beerathon with its slobstacle course and you can register in teams of up to five members. Seeing as the barrel can only be consumed by members of the team it would probably be advisable to get a full team of five rather than try and nail 18 pints as just a pair – just a suggestion. Each person has to run 5k and the barrel can be carried by any means as long as it’s powered by legs.

If you’re confused by the rules don’t worry too much, it’s their first run so it’s a learning experience and guaranteed to be lots of fun. We predict plenty of cheating and drunken mischief. If you want to go down and pick a team to cheer on, food and drink will be served throughout the event. Jude Brosnan

See Beer Belly Running for more details.

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