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Double trouble: contactless system charging wrong cards for journeys

Posted at 8:00 am, February 7, 2013 in News, Transport
Oyster card

Only two months after the option to pay for busses with a contactless card was put in place, a pretty significant fault has been flagged up. Turns out if you have your Oyster card and contactless bank card in the same wallet, the readers don’t always know which card you intend to have debited and either can be charged. Yikes, time to check those bank statements people. Until TfL iron out this little problem we suggest you maybe take out the card you intend to use, separate them somehow…

Make an origami card holder:

This will keep it separate and all the materials can easily be nicked from your nearest office printer.

Wear it around your neck:

Olympic Park © Rob Greig

Bring back the spirit of last Summer and lanyard up. Team it with a GB tracksuit, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be considered retro cool.

Put it in a wand:

We also suggest putting it in your shoe so you can practice your ninja kicks. Or keep it in your top pocket so everyone thinks you have magic breasts. Jude Brosnan

For more info, see bbc.co.uk/news.

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