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Meet me by the ‘Big Stupid Clock’

Posted at 5:30 pm, February 8, 2013 in Fun London, News
Big Ben

HOLD THE PRESSES! It turns out that we’ve made a terrible mistake with the name of one of our most treasured landmarks. The BBC has reported that according to a Chinese tourist, Violet Chun Yang, Big Ben has been snubbed by Mandarin speaking visitors because ‘ben’ means ‘stupid’ in their native tongue. The traveller – who is more interested in seeking out Prada than the historical sights of London – said that they’ve nicknamed our good old pal ‘Big Stupid Clock’; not exactly inspiring is it? Carly-Ann Clements

With this in mind, we thought we’d look at some other famous Bens to see how different things could have been if they really were ‘stupid’:

Benjamin Franklin = Stupid Jamin’ Franklin

Pimp Benjamin Franklin

Though a breakdancing founding father of the United States does sound rather appealing, the lack of the lightning rod, his experimentation with electricity and even bifocals would definitely be noticed in contemporary life.

Matt Damon and Stupid Affleck

Dare Devil gif

Okay, this one may not be that different… only joking, Ben. The actor/director/writer/producer has brought us some absolute gems including ‘Good Will Hunting’, ‘Argo’ and ‘The Town’. Now imagine a world where ‘Dare Devil’, ‘Bounce’ and ‘Gigli’ were his best films…

Uncle Stupid

Uncle Ben Meme

No, we’re not talking about your inappropriate uncle who gets drunk all the time and chats up your friend who’s twenty years younger than him. We’re talking rice. What if Uncle Ben wasn’t quite on the ball and accidentally made semolina instead of basmati?

Meet the Stupid Stiller

Ben Stiller Blue Steel Gif

Ben Stiller may favour writing and playing the more crass, silly, ridiculous characters but if he didn’t make some wise career decisions we wouldn’t have a go-to pose for all photos. Everyone say ‘blue steel’.

Stupid and Jerry

Ben and Jerry's Arrested Development meme

Was it stupid to add cookie dough to vanilla ice-cream? Was it stupid to swirl walnuts and chocolate into banana ice-cream? Was it stupid to make frozen yogurt delicious and home freezer ready? No. No it was not. So unless Jerry has been carrying Ben for years, I think we have a very non-stupid culinary genius on our hands.

In conclusion, call our Big Ben by any other name and it is still be pretty damn amazing.

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