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Time Out’s neon sign takes some time out

Posted at 4:00 pm, February 20, 2013 in News
Time Out neon sign © Sonya Barber

Anyone walking down Tottenham Court Road today may have felt a little less sunny than usual. Yes, the warm red glow of the iconic Time Out neon sign is no longer shining down on passers by. Sad but true. At 10pm last night, one lane of Tottenham Court Road was closed as the huge sign was carefully dismantled and taken down. It isn’t gone forever, just taking a break, though apparently I can’t take it home and put it in my living room for safekeeping, which is disappointing. Time Out Towers still stands and is stronger than ever, even if people are temporarily confused by the lack of bright red letters. That includes the staff – one distressed worker was heard saying: ‘I didn’t know which building to go into this morning. I was standing in a camera shop for ages!’. The magazine is now read by 305,530 of you every week and over 5 million people click on our site every month. This isn’t a sign of the times, the sign is just taking a time out. Sonya Barber

PS If you’re really missing the red Time Out logo, sneak around the back of our building and for now you’ll still see a mini version lighting up Morwell Street. 

Time Out neon sign © Sonya Barber

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