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Knock knock. Who’s there? DoorDitch

Posted at 4:30 pm, February 21, 2013 in Fun London
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We love DoorDitch, a blog beautifully capturing the doorways of Shoreditch. We asked them for a run down of their favourite entrances…

‘DoorDitch began as an accident with this door above. Taking a picture of the fairly mundane as I often did (and many others do) with Instagram. I also posted it through to Twitter. A couple of minutes later following up with another tweet; “damn, should have captioned that one DoorDitch”. Just one reply of “delete and repost” had me taking more pictures of any of the doors I came across in the area and adding it to the #DoorDitch hash tag.’

© Door Ditch

‘With over 100 doors, it’s easy to notice many of the DoorDitch doors play host to graffiti and street art, some scribble and some now famous. This particular door has always been a favourite for being so bland yet ending up being one of the most unique and dramatic.’

© Door Ditch

‘This almost mummified door was another favourite and when I first saw it, the sense of excitement I felt towards it was the point I realised how much I was enjoying this odd hobby I stumbled upon.’

© Door Ditch

‘This door features in the Robbie Williams music video ‘Candy’. It took me a few views and some walking to figure out exactly where the video was filmed. Once I found the featured door I noticed how different it now was – maybe just a month or two since it was captured in the video. This highlighted how quickly things are evolving and changing in the area.’

© Door Ditch

‘I wasn’t sure what to do with all the pictures, was there anything? Add locations so people could visit them in person or maybe find out the history of the building attached to the door? I decided to open the whole thing up and let people pick a door which inspires them to write a short story to live behind their chosen door. I wasn’t sure if anyone would, but to my surprise they did. This one is a favourite as I was sent the context of the story and why they chose that door. @CarrieLove_art said it was ‘inspired by a lifetime of consoling my Dad to my artist’s lifestyle’. Hopefully, all doors will end up with a story behind them eventually.’

Head over to DoorDitch.co.uk and pick your own door to write a story for. You can also follow on Instagram and twitter: @DoorDitch.

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