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Blades of glory: machete warfare in ‘Boi Doi Cho Lon’ trailer

Posted at 3:15 pm, February 24, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment

‘Stab or be stabbed!’ That’s the rather tasteless ethos behind wild-looking new Vietnamese gangland actioner ‘Boi Doi Cho Lon’. The plot looks like fairly standard crime fare – two competing chieftains, some kind of woman trouble, a younger gangster helplessly witnessing the spiralling conflict – but the method is a whole new kind of wrong. For these packs of thugs don’t battle with fists and feet, or even flick knives. This is machete warfare – and it looks seriously nasty. If ‘Boi Doi Cho Lon’ is half as pacy and berserk as the trailer makes it look, this could be 2013’s answer to ‘The Raid’. There’s no release date confirmed yet, but keep an eye on Time Out’s upcoming film releases for all the info as we get it.

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