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Have you mind expanded at the @BarbicanCentre Brain Waves weekender

Posted at 11:15 am, March 2, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment

If you put both your fists together, that’s the size of your brain. It’s a wonder there’s any space for anything else up there. Our brains are pretty damn magnificent and the Barbican is having a Wonder Season celebrating the art and science of our most thoughtful organ to prove it. Kicking off today, the Brain Waves Weekender (March 2-3) is full of neuro-tastic activities including dance, theatre, music, art, a brain-inspired flash mob led by Peter Lovatt, a Singing Hypnotist tent (?!) and Guerrilla Science will be offering family fun with sonic tours of a brain. Oh and there will be a jelly brain dissection workshops where you can can indulge your zombie fantasies and chow down on your frontal lobes. I don’t think we’re ready for that jelly… Jude Brosnan

For info, see the Brain Waves Weekender listing.

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