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Better late than never? Justin Bieber and five other tardy musicians

Posted at 2:30 pm, March 5, 2013 in Music & Nightlife
Justin Bieber

It seems that pop’s golden boy made a huge faux pas last night. Teen idol, Justin Bieber, took to the O2 stage two hours later than originally planned leaving fans inside desperate and their taxi-service-parents outside very angry. The 19-year-old singer has just apologised and will most likely be fined for breaking the noise curfew on a school night. But is it really his fault? The poor lad is almost completely devoid of rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle as his demanding fans require an apology for any and all stumbles from an angelic lifestyle. With drugs and sex out of the question, Bieber has opted to become a diva by throwing massive strops in restaurants when he doesn’t get his way and walking around topless through chilly London streets.

But let’s face it, it’s not really a one off. There have been a huge number of acts that have missed their stage call over the years and we still love them all the same. So just to put things into perspective, here are some other acts that have made us wait… and wait… and wait… Carly-Ann Clements

1. Grace Jones
The ever-young superstar is notorious for being late. She kept photographer David Bailey waiting for a whole day once so it’s not surprising that she’s regularly late to the stage. Even though her uber tardy performances at the Brixton Academy in the early 90s are well behind her, the 64-year-old still likes to keep the crowd waiting. In December last year, Jones was ‘fashionably late’ to perform in front of Eve and Paloma Faith at the Baroque Mayfair. But let’s admit it, any immortal being will lose track of time now and then so we can forgive her.

2. Guns ‘N’ Roses
Notorious for his refusal to take to the stage on time, Axl Rose often made his audience wait for hours and last year was no exception. During their UK and Ireland tour, the band let the O2 audience wait for an hour and a half the first night and 50 minutes the second and even threatened to leave the stage early after fans threw coins and pint glasses at them. Now that’s rock ‘n’ roll diva behaviour.

3. Rihanna
Rihanna’s extravagant tour has had a series of hiccups mainly due to the star’s need to stay in control. As organisers keep trying to account for every second of her life, Ri Ri has delayed gigs to stick two fingers up to the man. Unfortunately, her poor time-keeping and her passion for after parties has lead to hefty fines for delayed flights.

4. Pete Doherty
From half hour delays to no shows, Pete Doherty’s career has been littered with disappointment and low expectations but his fans still love him for it. And if tardiness wasn’t enough, the singer got into a fight with band member Patrick Walden on stage at Brixton Academy in 2005 causing a bit of a ‘lull’ in the performance.

5. Eminem
Not only has Slim Shady skipped gigs and turned up late on occasion but he has also cancelled whole tours due to ‘exhaustion’. The groundbreaking rapper was supposed to perform in London in 2005 but called off his entire European leg. It almost makes waiting for two hours seem kinda acceptable doesn’t it?

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