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Boris Johnson’s vision for the future of cycling in London

Posted at 4:30 pm, March 8, 2013 in News, Olympics & Paralympics, Transport
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It may be horrible and raining out there. There may be Lycra drying on every radiator in your workplace. However, things are looking up for London’s cyclists.

In The Mayor’s Vision for Cycling in London- An Olympic Legacy for all Londoners Boris Johnson outlines plans to make London more cycle friendly.

There are four key outcomes:

1. A Tube network for the bike. Introducing cycle routes that run parallel with key public transport routes.

2. Safer streets for the bike.  Junctions in particular will be reviewed.

3. More people travelling by bike. By normalising cycling so it is something people feel comfortable doing.

4. Better places for everyone. In an aim to make London safer, greener, and less congested.

Will it happen? Who knows. It almost sounds too good to be true…Jude Brosnan

For a great review of the plan check out cyclelondoncity.blogspot.co.uk

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