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#wordonthestreet: what you’ve overheard in London this week

Posted at 5:30 pm, March 11, 2013 in Fun London

A week doesn’t go by without someone overhearing something ridiculous in London and we’ve picked our favourites. Enjoy!

‘There’s nothing funnier than a singing goat.’

‘Please never say the words “Sex weasel” to me again.’

‘I think I’m secretly psychic. I just haven’t told anyone.’

‘What did you expect? He’s 43 and his mum still does his ironing.’

‘My keffiyeh totally lost its shape when I had it dry cleaned.’

‘No way! I thought tea bagging was just an urban myth!’

‘Shakespeare? Why would you wanna go and see Shakespeare? He’s dead!’

‘Of course it’s a compliment! I wouldn’t do just anyone’s mum!’

‘Totally outran her to a seat. Bitch didn’t stand a chance. Admittedly she was pregnant.’

‘No, you can’t go to a funeral dressed as one of the Beatles.’

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