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Gherkin skyscraper gets itself into a pickle

Posted at 2:30 pm, March 14, 2013 in Fun London
Jackpot Joy

The poor old Gherkin. Not only is it saddled with a briny nickname but because of its silly phallic shape, people are always making it into a big joke. First off London Zoo tried to turn it into a giant penguin (sadly this never happened) and now Jackpot Joy, those gambling jokers who recently floated a massive rubber duck down the Thames, are attempting the inevitable and want to transform 30 St Mary Axe (that’s its official name) into a big old pickle. They have already enlisted a design team,  submitted a permission proposal and now are awaiting news. As fun as it sounds, it will take 10 people around 900 hours to wrap the 41 storey building in a fancy film to create a non-reflective surface for the giant gherkin projection. Jackpot Joy are yet to say when/if this fantasy will be turned into a reality but we will keep you posted.

For info, see facebook.com/jackpotjoy.

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