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High speed, high voltage: the Electric Grand Prix is coming to London

Posted at 2:00 pm, March 18, 2013 in News
Formula E racing in London.

Formula E sounds like a dodgy powder from your local headshop, but it’s actually a forthcoming motorsport championship featuring electric-only cars. Think of it as Formula One’s little green cousin.

Last week, London was confirmed as one of the host cities for the championship’s inaugural year, alongside Rome, Los Angeles, Miami, Beijing, Putrajaya, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. Organisers are still awaiting final approval from the FIA, but all being well, we should be able to enjoy some sweet racing through our city’s streets in 2014. Mayor BoJo called it a ‘scintillating concept’, though Jeremy Clarkson will surely be counting the days until he can start taking the piss out of the whole enterprise.

For info, see formulaeholdings.com.

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