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It’s spring! Let’s celebrate… or maybe not: reasons to love or hate the change of season

Posted at 5:30 pm, March 21, 2013 in Fun London, Photos of London

It may be overcast and the threat of rain may be ever-present but we can now officially announce that it’s spring. Apparently. And should hopefully mean the start of sunshine and short sleeves, though in all likeliness we’re looking at more snow more snow. Though we are really excited about a fresh start and the official lead up to summer, spring brings as much bad as it does good. So here are some of the best and worst things about the change in season. Carly-Ann Clements

We love that:

The days will get longer

Which means more sunshine

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Making London look glorius

© ms flon

And sunshine + April showers

= rainbows!

© lightcapturepaper

Getting up in the morning means less of this

And more of this

The grass is green

And the trees are in bloom

© mermaid99

As are the flowers

You can cycle into work again

Which means it’s warm enough to say ‘goodbye winter coat’

‘And you, scarf’

And ‘hello sunglasses’

Icy drinks are back on the menu

And so is chocolate


And lots

Of chocolate

But Easter’s not just about chocolate, it’s also about BANK HOLIDAYS

And bunnies

And the return of all wildlife

But most importantly, it means young love

And drinking outside

And the return of ‘Game of Thrones’

So, yeah. Spring seems pretty good… right?

Things we hate:

Daylight savings will steal an hour away from you

And all restaurants will remove the warm, stodgy foods

And replace them with salads


Seasonal cyclists are back on the road, which is… yeah

And the weather sends really mixed messages

And you never know when  you’ll need a hat

Or an umbrella

All the shops have bright, colourful clothes

That you can’t wear because, you know…

But you don’t have any money anyway because you’ve just bought all your festival tickets

Which you won’t be able to use for three months!

And while you’re poor, you might as well spring clean, right?

Mainly to get rid of the bugs… all the bugs

But on top of all of that… it’s not summer

And that really sucks.

Happy spring everyone!

To make the most out of the season, head over to our events calendar.

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