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Play it again, Oswald: The voice of the tube returns

Posted at 4:00 pm, March 21, 2013 in News, Transport
Margaret McCollum © Rob Greig

Last week, we told you that deceased actor Oswald Laurence’s famous ‘Mind the gap’ announcement was phased out by TfL four months ago. After his widow, 65-year-old Margaret McCollum, lobbied to have it reinstated, it’s back keeping us in line. Time Out joined her at Embankment as she listened to Oswald’s voice for the first time since it stopped playing. Here’s her reaction.

‘Oh, it’s wonderful! I’m delighted! I was heartbroken when it was turned off. I really was. Now I’ve heard it again, I just feel so emotional.

‘For a long time this was the only place you could listen to his announcement. So whenever I could do a journey that would go by this station, I’d do it. The announcement plays as the train comes into the station, so you could hear Oswald from the train. If I had time, though, I’d get off the train and wait for the next one. I just wanted to listen to him one more time.

‘When I realised he’d gone last November, all I did was try to find out why. Somehow, I’ve ended up doing loads of radio and television. I’m exhausted! I did Radio 5 Live last week and my neighbours banged on my door at 11.30pm saying, “We just heard you on the radio!” Oswald would have been so pleased. And I also think he’d have been quite amused. He was the kind of person who was never over the top about
himself. He was over the top about everything else, though. He was terrific fun. He was a great raconteur, always telling a funny story. And now here he is again. I just think it’s so amazing.’

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