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How to survive the neverending winter

Posted at 5:45 pm, March 26, 2013 in Fun London
Winter is coming

Winter may be coming thanks to the return of ‘Game of Thrones’ this weekend but seeing that spring officially started last week, it seems the weather has got its dates mixed up. With flurries of snow at the weekend and uninspiring forecasts for the foreseeable future, it looks like winter is here to stay. To make this everlasting chill that little bit more palatable, we’ve got some hints and tips for staying warm over the next few weeks. Carly-Ann Clements

Eat all the foods

Spring usually means lean protein and salad by the tiny bucketload, but this extended chill is the perfect excuse to chow down on those wintery favourites (burgers, Sunday roasts and all the other stodgy culinary delights) until it warms up because, you know, food makes everything better.

Pop the kettle on

You thought you’d said goodbye to your best friend ms hot drink and it was time to welcome your new mate, mr frappuccino, but like many new acquaintances, the icy counterpart has been pushed aside. And damn right too! So if you’re more of an afternoon tea type, want to become a coffee aficionado or just fancy a decent cup of hot chocolate, shelter in the warmth of a tasty cuppa.

Sneak a cheeky shot

It’s a well-known fact that alcohol makes you feel cosy. But beware! The blood that rushes to your skin making you feel warmer is leaving your core making your overall temperature lower. So sneak in a quick drink after work and your journey could be a little more pleasant. Just don’t overdo it… alright?

Knitwear, lots and lots of knitwear

Knitwear is all the rage and these monster knits by embroidery supremo Laura Lees for knitwear punksters Sibling were a big deal at London Fashion Week this year. Okay, maybe these giant garments aren’t for everyone, but if you’re partial to a cardi and a snood then show no restraint! It’s the perfect time to layer up, especially with all the seasonal sales going on right now.

Make something fabulous

Don’t want to venture out into the cold? Then take advantage of some of London’s best craft shops and lessons (even from Laura Lees herself) and get making! There’s nothing like wearing an item you’ve made and some nifty handiwork will get the circulation going. If you’re already a dab hand at knitting then why not try something a bit different like giant knitting.

Put your feet up and watch TV

It’s that time again; the return of all the major television shows. Accompanying ‘Game of Thrones‘, ‘Doctor Who‘ makes its triumphant return on March 30 along with season two of ‘New Girl‘ airing on Wednesday evenings. So if you want to be a hermit while your stories are on the TV, the cold weather is the perfect excuse.

Get up close and personal

Sharing body heat is a great way to stay warm during this frosty spell and no, we don’t just mean cramming yourself into the Tube carriage when there’s obviously no space. Grab someone nearby (preferably someone you know) and get cosy.

When you think about it, being cold can be more fun than being sweaty and hot, so just enjoy it and remember these days when you’re moaning that it’s too hot in the summer (if we ever have one).

While you’re celebrating the cold, remember why rain is so rad

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