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Put a spring in your step at the Nevruz festival

Posted at 10:00 am, March 26, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment

You might have noted bitterly as you shiver by the radiator that it’s springtime. Once again the British weather has let down Londoners, but happily we have the Nevruz festival to remind us what Spring should be like; a colourful burst of amazing costumes, haunting traditional music and brilliant dance. Celebrated by Turkic communities from the Aegean to central Asia, Nevruz is of Persian origin (‘nev’ meaning new and ‘ruz’ day) and marks the moment when the sun enters the house of Aries. The Nevruz show at Westminster Central Hall on Wednesday March 27 (7pm) will feature over 100 dancers, singers and musicians from 13 nations across the Turkic region and the organisers promise ‘magic for all the family, a unique chance to embark on a cultural journey’.

For more info, see Nevruz Spring Celebration listing.

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