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‘Shit London’ photo of the day: back alley, Tooting

Posted at 8:00 am, March 26, 2013 in Fun London, Photos of London
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I’ve seen more ‘Do not urinate/defecate’ signs than is probably healthy for anyone to see in their lifetime but I’m still amazed by the need for them. I don’t know, maybe my parents did a good job of raising me because my default setting is such not to urinate or defecate in almost all of the places that I go. It just doesn’t enter my mind. It was made clear to me a very long time ago that there are preordained places where this kind of activity is acceptable and that attempting to do them anywhere else will lead to horror, shouting, mops and shunning. Nobody likes shunning or being shunned… especially for an indiscretion like this. Patrick Dalton

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